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Los Angeles

TuckerMix is the audio engineering services of Ryan Tucker, music mixing for independent artists, audio and music product development.  

Product Development


In addition to music production I also help some of the most innovative companies in the world create software and hardware tools for music creators. I have served various music / audio companies in software and hardware quality assurance, product design, user experience, artist support, and technical support. From conception and design to prototyping and final testing, I've helped companies prove out musical instruments of the future, digitally powered guitars and amplifiers, live audio mics and mixers, multichannel psycho acoustic media technology, and DSP powered audio processors modeling the most coveted pieces of analog audio equipment ever made. From vintage tube guitar amps to recording studio quality compressors, EQ's, and effects processors for every major Digital Audio Workstation available on Mac and Windows platforms. Where audio quality matters, TuckerMix is there, insuring that your product, your music, your dream comes to fruition in the highest quality possible. Of the two dozen plus companies I've helped with product development, some notable ones include: Universal Audio, Line 6, DTS (Digital Theater Systems), Sound Machine, Artiphon Inc, Blue Microphones, to name a few! Contact me below to find out how I can help you company produce world class audio products.