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Ask me anything... about audio, your project, my process, mixing, audio software, house cats... WHATEVER... I'll hit you back soon!

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Los Angeles

TuckerMix is the audio engineering services of Ryan Tucker, music mixing for independent artists, audio and music product development.  


The Process

So you want to beautiful music together? Lol! ...I like to keep things pretty simple, here's how we'll do it...


Introduce yourself by contacting my via the contact form here. Tell me about your project, send me a link to your music or your website, tell me about the music you like to listen to, musicians you admire, how you hear your music sounding, and I'll email you back. 

Trial Mix

If time permits, I can do a trail mix if necessary. You send me a session, I mix a portion of it, and send it back to you. You can get a sense of whether you like what I did, then we can move forward from there. If you aren't digging it, NO PROBLEM! Nothing owed.


Once we settle on the terms of the project (dates, times, cost, deliverables) we can get started. Because I operate out of my professionally-equipped private home studio, there are no studio, equipment, or operating operating costs. This allows me to accommodate a wide range of budgets.


How much will it cost? How long is a piece of string I ask in return! Both those questions cannot be answered as they depend on many undefined variables... some of which are... my availability, your time constraints, amount of work required, quality of your recording, and so on. So we'll work it out... just can't provide cost up front. We will, however, agree on the terms of payment before work begins. Usually half up front, or pay per song works for most situations.


Send me your sessions, I'll verify they are in condition to begin mixing...


I'll send you samples when a mix is ready to hear. We can do a real time listening session in person at my studio in LA (if time permits), or over the internet (if the internet decides to play nice). Otherwise just sending files to you to listen is easy too. Charges may apply to extended listening sessions, tweaking, depending on my schedule. But I will try to accommodate. 


Once you've heard a full mix we can start making changes. We'll revise the mixes till you are satisfied.


You may request various versions of a mix once you are finished making changes. Stems can be printed (stereo files of the drums, bass, guitars, vocals, music, FX, dialog, etc.) for use in live performances or for backup. Different versions can be printed (vocals up, vocals down, instrumental, etc). Charges may apply.


Payment in full must be received before full quality masters, stems, etc are delivered.