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Los Angeles

TuckerMix is the audio engineering services of Ryan Tucker, music mixing for independent artists, audio and music product development.  



what styles of music do you mix?

Short answer is all kinds. You really have nothing to lose, if you don’t like your trial mix, you don’t have to pay for it! 

how much does it cost to mix a song?

And the answer is (drum roll please)… gonna need more information before I can answer that question! The number of tracks, quality of original recording, amount of work all affect the cost of a project. That said, because I operate out of private studio, there are no studio fees passed on to you. This means I am able to accommodate a wide range of budgets.

do you record at your studio?

If you are local (or willing to travel) to Los Angeles, I do have contacts at local studios where we can record basic tracks and overdubs. I can help you arrange booking, as well as determine the capabilities of a studio to fits your needs. I can also accommodate vocal and overdub recordings at my studio.

I may need a producer?

I can help you with your creative vision, planning and logistics, schedule studio time, engineer, overdub, produce, etc... If I can't do it I can find the people you need.  I have connections with composers, arrangers, musicians, and contractors that can help.

do you do post production audio for TV & Film?

Yes! Together with my wife April Tucker of, we offer post-production mixing, music editing, dialog editing, foley, sound design, and voiceover. We have done many projects for TV, short films, features films, spots, webisodes, podcasts, promo's and commercials.

can you do live sound for my band?

I can set you up with an experienced live sound engineer that can mix your sound as well as help setup systems for restaurants, clubs, churches, and concert halls.

do you mix in surround?

Yes! We can provide stems or encoded streams for your surround project.

do you offer mastering services?

The talents of a seasoned mastering engineer are highly recommended. Like Mike Wells for example. But I do provide a finalizing service if your budget does not permit mastering for each song.  

how can I pay?

Cash, check, or PayPal works well. Fees may apply for some payment services.

can you help me build my studio?

Yes. I have been know to help musicians and composers build up their studio setups with wiring, patch bay layout, computer setup, maintenance & backup, gear purchasing, and acoustic treatment. I've build MANY a home studio in my day.

I'm looking to get into the business, do you take interns?

If you are interested in learning about audio or have questions about the the industry please don’t hesitate to contact me! I've been known to help those new to town or refer them to somebody in the industry with similar career interests.


Please feel free to contact me about anything I missed... no question is taboo. I aim to please and enjoy helping people out when I can.