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TuckerMix is the audio engineering services of Ryan Tucker, music mixing for independent artists, audio and music product development.  


Music Mixing for Independent Artists

TuckerMix is the audio engineering services of Ryan Tucker.

TuckerMix Music Mixing is a boutique, online mixing service that allows independent artists to have their music professionally mixed to their specification without the high costs associated with traditional recording studios. TuckerMix was designed to help independent artists, musicians, and composers bridge the technology gap, allowing any project to reap the high quality sonic benefits of the most advanced audio production tools and techniques available today.

In addition to mixing music TuckerMix Audio SQA helps the most innovative audio / music companies in the world create superb music and audio tools for musicians, engineers, and music producers alike. Ryan has helped conceive, design, and prove out musical instruments of the future to DSP powered audio processors that emulate of some of the most coveted pieces of analog audio equipment ever made.

Post Production audio services are provided by April Tucker of

Where audio quality matters, TuckerMix is there, insuring that your product, your music, your dreams comes to fruition in the highest quality form possible.




I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Troy at the Sonic Garage Podcast! I talk about life at Berklee College of Music and the hybrid technical / creative music-audio career that followed. Please give a listen! 

Please note, SoundCloud audio is low quality.